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Item Name : Databook of World Lake Environments (Asia and Oceania)

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Dal lake Dal Lake asi-38.html
Kamafusa Reservoir Kamafusa Reservoir asi-59.html
Lake Abashiri Lake Abashiri asi-52.html
Lake Akan Lake Akan asi-21.html
Lake Ba Be Lake Ba Be asi-64.html
Lake Biwa Lake Biwa asi-01.html
Lake Buhi Lake Buhi asi-20.html
Lake Changshau Lake Changshou asi-50.html
Lake Chao Lake Chao asi-07.html
Lake Chuzenji Lake Chuzenji asi-05.html
Lake Donghu Donghu asi-12.html
Lake Eyre Lake Eyre oce-04.html
Lake Hachiro Lake Hachiro asi-34.html
Lake Hamana Lake Hamana asi-44.html
Lake Hovsgol Lake Hovsgol asi-51.html
Lake Ikeda Lake Ikeda asi-30.html
Lake Inawashiro Lake Inawashiro asi-14.html
Lake Inba-numa Inba-numa asi-29.html
Lake Issyk-Kool Lake Issyk-Kool asi-55.html
Lake Kasumigaura Lake Kasumigaura asi-35.html