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Item Name : Databook of World Lake Environments (Asia and Oceania)

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Lake Sancha Lake Sancha asi-49.html
Lake Saroma Lake Saroma asi-36.html
Lake Shikotsu Lake Shikotsu asi-16.html
Lake Shinji Lake Shinji asi-42.html
Lake Shumarinai Lake Shumarinai asi-33.html
Lake Songkla Lake Songkhla asi-02.html
Lake Suwa Lake Suwa asi-31.html
Lake Taal Lake Taal asi-58.html
Lake Tai Lake Tai asi-26.html
Lake Tasek Bera Tasek Bera asi-15.html
Lake Taupo Lake Taupo oce-01.html
Lake Tega-numa Tega-numa asi-28.html
Lake Toba Lake Toba asi-10.html
Lake Towada Lake Towada asi-23.html
Lake Toya Lake Toya asi-17.html
Lake West Lake West asi-62.html
Lake Zeekoevlei Zeekoevlei afr-17.html
Manasbal Lake Manasbal Lake asi-57.html
Miyun Reservoir Miyun Reservoir asi-08.html
Nagase Reservoir Nagase Reservoir asi-06.html