Lake Buhi ASI-20

Riparian Nation(s) Philippines
Surface Area 17 km2 Mean Depth 6.8 m Volume 0.11 km3
Shoreline Catchment Area Residence Time
Frozen Period Mixing Type Morphogenesis/Dam Tectonic (Collapse of Mt. Iriga, 1641)
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Lake Buhi is a unique tropical lake serving as home of the world's smallest commercial fish The lake provides for many uses such as fishery, navigation, water reservoir for irrigation, hydroelectric power and domestic water supply. This 1,800 hectare freshwater lake sits in the valley between two ancient volcanos, Mt. Malimas and Mt. Iriga. The lake was formed in 1641 when a strong earthquake caused the side of Mt. Iriga to collapse, forming a natural dam on small streams (Q).

Photo of Lake Buhi
Photo: R. N. Tagarino