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Item Name : Databook of World Lake Environments (North America)

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Lake Washington Lake Washington nam-09.html
Lake Winnipeg Lake Winnipeg nam-08.html
Manicouagan Reservoir Manicouagan Reservoir nam-26.html
Massawippi Lake Massawippi Lake nam-49.html
Miquelon Lake Miquelon Lake nam-46.html
Muskoka Lake Muskoka Lake nam-24.html
Northwood Lake Northwood Lake nam-36.html
Okanagan Lake Okanagan Lake nam-51.html
Owasco Lake Owasco Lake nam-18.html
Pyramid Lake Pyramid Lake nam-23.html
Seneca Lake Seneca Lake nam-16.html
Shuswap Lake Shuswap Lake nam-47.html
Skaha Lake Skaha Lake nam-53.html
Smith Mountain Lake Smith Mountain Lake nam-37.html
Southern Indian Lake Southern Indian Lake nam-33.html
Twin Lakes Twin Lakes nam-21.html
Wabamun Lake Wabamun Lake nam-45.html
Webster Lake Webster Lake nam-39.html
Western Brook Pond Western Brook Pond nam-31.html
Williston Lake Williston Lake nam-29.html