WLDB data list

Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E7 Nitrogen

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
T-N (on surface, Jan. May, Sep. (1980-1981) and NO3-N, monthly (1973-1977) Lake Songkhla asi-02-e7.xls
T-N and Total Kjeldahl-N, monthly, -0~-35m composit, by location (1984-1985) Lake Diefenbaker nam-58-e7.xls
T-N at -0.5m, in May and Aug. (1985-1988) Lake Sancha asi-49-e7.xls
T-N at -0.5m, monthly (1988) Lake Issyk-Kool asi-55-e7.xls
T-N at Bear's Bottom on surface (1963-1964) Great Bear Lake nam-30-e7.xls
T-N by depth (1982-1984) Lake Chao asi-07-e7.xls
T-N by depth (1983) Lake Balkhash asi-54-e7.xls
T-N by depth (1986) Lake Saguling asi-39-e7.xls
T-N by depth, monthly (1969-1986) Lake Kinneret asi-09-e7.xls
T-N by depth, monthly (1986) Miyun Reservoir asi-08-e7.xls
T-N concentration, seasonal and annual trends, Southern Lake, Northern Lake, Seta River (1970-1982) Lake Biwa asi01-08.gif
T-N monthly trend (1985) Lake Towada asi-23-e7.xls
T-N on surface and 1m below surface (1986) Lake Buhi asi-20-e7.xls
T-N on surface and bottom, monthly (1978-1981) Lake Kojima asi37-09.gif
T-N yearly mean (1973-2016) Lake Suwa asi-31-2.png
T-N yearly mean, Southern Lake, Northern Lake, Seta River (1979-2015) Lake Biwa asi-01-2.png
T-N, -0.5m, by season (1972) Lake Trummen eur-12-e7.xls
T-N, at lake center, by depth (Apr. Jun. Aug. 1988) Lake Paanajarvi eur-43-e7.xls
T-N, by depth (May 20, 1983) Lake Rara asi-03-e7.xls
T-N, by depth (May-Sep. 1988) Lake Onega eur-36-e7.xls