Lake Paanajarvi EUR-43

Riparian Nation(s) Russia
Surface Area 24 km2 Mean Depth 37.8 m Volume 0.89 km3
Shoreline 50.5 km Catchment Area 5295 km2 Residence Time 0.4 yr
Frozen Period Nov-May Mixing Type Dimictic Morphogenesis/Dam
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Sharp broken forms of tectonic relief with large breaks and vertical displacements dominate in the Lake Paanajarvi region. A lot of picturesque lakes connected by swiftly flowing rivers and brooks with waterfalls and rapids are distributed among relatively high mountains.

The lake basin is situated in large tectonic break which were not exposed to the influence of geological remarking or exogenous processes. The lake is surrounded by rocks, boulders or boulder-pebbles; sometimes banks are sandy. The lake is latitudely orientated; this feature with specific coast forms define original wind conditions and microclimate in the lake region.

The flora of Paanajarvi region is notable for its richness and variety. There is plenty of rare plant species which require national protection. A number of species are on the area boundary.

Lake Paanajarvi is one of the rare regions in Soviet Karelia where ecological systems of exceptional importance are still remaining in natural conditions. The creation of a national park with domestic and international tourism development may be the best perspective for Lake Paanajarvi (Q).

Photo of Lake Paanajarvi
Photo: A. Freindling