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Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E7 Nitrogen

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
TN, monthly (1984-1985) Great Central Lake nam-34-e7.xls
TN, monthly (1985-1987) Smith Mountain Lake nam-37-e7.xls
Total Kjeldahl-N and NO3-N, monthly, by depth (1986) Skaha Lake nam-53-e7.xls
Total Kjeldahl-N and NO3-N, monthly, by depth (1987) Wood Lake nam-52-e7.xls
Total Kjeldahl-N+NO#-N, monthly, by depth (1984) Massawippi Lake nam-49-e7.xls
Total Kjeldahl-N, monthly, -0.5m (no date) Buffalo Pound Lake nam-57-e7.xls
Total Kjeldahl-N, monthly, by depth (1981-1982) Kezar Lake nam-40-e7.xls
Total nitrogen and nitrogen fractions (1982) Lake Dillon nam22-09.gif
Total nitrogen, organic nitrogen, nitrite plus nitrate and ammonia (1970-1984) Kootenay Lake nam25-03.gif
Trend of NH4-N (1979-1985) Donghu asi12-05.gif
Trend of NO3-N Donghu asi12-04.gif
Vertical and seasonal distribution of NH4-N (April 1985-Aug. 1986) Lake Volvi eur40-03.gif
Vertical and seasonal distribution of NO3-N (April 1985-Aug. 1986) Lake Volvi eur40-04.gif
Vertical distribution of NO3-N (1969-1970) Lake Tahoe nam02-04.gif
Vertical profiles of NO3-N, together with temp. pH, DO (1981) Lake Annecy eur45-08.gif
Weighted mean values for pH, NH4-N and NO3-N (1950-1980) Lake Orta eur46-07.gif