WLDB data list

Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E2 pH

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Monthly (1980-1981) Northwood Lake nam-36-e2.xls
Monthly (1982) Lake Washington nam-09-e2.xls
Twin Lakes nam-21-e2.xls
Monthly (1983) Zurich See eur-06-e2.xls
Monthly (1984) Lake Lacar sam-07-e2.xls
Great Central Lake nam-34-e2.xls
Monthly (1985, 1987) Lake Chicot nam-19-e2.xls
Monthly (1985-1986) Lake Okeechobee nam-20-e2.xls
Monthly (1987) Smith Mountain Lake nam-37-e2.xls
Monthly at -0.3m (1989-1991) Lake Vortsjarv eur-47-e2.xls
Monthly by depth (1984-1986) Lake Orta eur46-04.gif
Monthly mean by depth (1982-1986) for Station 1 and Station 2 Lake Biwa asi-01-e2.txt
Monthly mean, 0-10m (1977) Lake Sniardwy eur-30-e2.xls
Monthly mean, surface and bottom Lake Trasimeno eur-29-e2.xls
Monthly, -0.5m (no date) Buffalo Pound Lake nam-57-e2.xls
Monthly, -0~-35m (1984-1985) Lake Diefenbaker nam-58-e2.xls
Monthly, 0-10m (1974-1977) Windermere eur-11-e2.xls
Monthly, at -0.2m (1987-1989) Voronegskoe Reservoir eur-53-e2.xls
Monthly, at -0.5m, in Varna (1987-1988) Varna Lake eur-35-e2.xls
Monthly, at deepest point, by depth (1985-1986) Ammersee eur-23-e2.xls