WLDB data list

Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E2 pH

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Monthly, by depth (1982) Massawippi Lake nam-49-e2.xls
Monthly, by depth (1982-1986) Lake Inari eur-17-e2.xls
Monthly, by depth (1983) Miquelon Lake nam-46-e2.xls
Monthly, by depth (1984-1986) Garrow Lake nam-50-e2.xls
Monthly, by depth (1986) Kootenay Lake nam-25-e2.xls
Lake Constance eur-33-e2.xls
Skaha Lake nam-53-e2.xls
Buttle Lake nam-55-e2.xls
Monthly, by depth (1987) Wabamun Lake nam-45-e2.xls
Shuswap Lake nam-47-e2.xls
Lake Driyviaty eur-55-e2.xls
Wood Lake nam-52-e2.xls
Monthly, by depth (1987-1988) Lake Memphremagog nam-48-e2.xls
Monthly, by depth (1988-1989) Amisk Lake nam-44-e2.xls
Monthly, by depth (Jun.- Oct. 1986) Baptiste Lake nam-43-e2.xls
Monthly, by location (1983-1984, 1984) Okanagan Lake nam-51-e2.xls
Monthly, by station (1977) Neusiedler See eur-02-e2.xls
Monthly, depth-time profile in a dry year (1964) and a wet year (1965) Lake Slapy eur39-03.gif
Monthly, on surface, -10m (1986-1988) Lake Lukomskoje eur-51-e2.xls
Monthly, surface (1970) Lake Chilwa afr-01-e2.txt