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Item Category : I. Deterioration and Hazards

Item Name : I2 Toxic Contamination

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Past trend of phenols concentration (1976-1989) Lake Chervonoje eur50-03.gif
Past trend of total DDT residues in fish (1967-1985) Lake Michigan nam03-11.gif
Past trend of total PCB residues in fish (1967-1985) Lake Michigan nam03-12.gif
Past trends in the amount of fertilizer application of N, K and P (1960-1990) Lake Slapy eur39-13.gif
Pb in the surface layer of bottom sediments, monthly (1978-1980) Lake Kojima asi37-17.gif
Pb on surface, monthly (1978-1980) Lake Kojima asi37-14.gif
Pb, Cd, Zn Lake Sancha asi-49-i2.xls
PCB concentrations in surface sediments in fish (1967-1985) Lake Michigan nam03-15.gif
PCB, horizontal profile in sediments Lake Superior nam04-14.gif
PCBs, uartz-corrected horizontal profile in sediments Lake Huron nam05-08.gif
PCBs. Horizontal profile in bottom sediments (1983) Lake Ontario nam07-11.gif
Pesticides, heavy metals, with industrial w.w. standards Lake Songkhla asi-02-i2.xls
Ph, Cr, Cd, Cu, Zn (1986) Lake Saguling asi-39-i2.xls
Radioactive contaminants in water, bottom silt, fish, waterweed(1981, 1987); Mo, Cu, Zn, Co, Br in water (1981-1987) Lake Druksiai eur-48-i2.xls
Salts, heavy metals, sulphates, alkyl benzene, MPN Lake Amatitlan nam-41-i2.xls
Season and inter-year changes of total zinc content (1970-1986) Buttle Lake nam55-07.gif
Seasonal changes in pesticide concentrations at sampling stations I1 (upper) and S1 (lower). Lake Biwa
Seasonal variation in Secchi depth in fish (1967-1985) Lake Michigan nam03-03.gif
Spatial distribution map of mercury (no dates) Lake Simcoe nam42-07.gif
Standards of contaminants for human health Lake Hamana asi-44-i2.txt