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Item Category : I. Deterioration and Hazards

Item Name : I2 Toxic Contamination

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, PCBs Lake Vattern eur-15-i2.xls
Lake Vanern eur-16-i2.xls
Heavy metals, by depth (1972), by station (1972, 1975) Aishihik Lake nam-27-i2.xls
Heavy metals, with regulatory standards Lake Trasimeno eur-29-i2.xls
Hg and trace organics, in water and bottom mud (1987, 1974), and in rainbow trout (1988) Okanagan Lake nam-51-i2.xls
Hg concentrations of pikes Lake Paijanne eur19-02.gif
Hg in fish Manicouagan Reservoir nam-26-i2.xls
Hg level in fish species (1978) Lake Simcoe nam-42-i2.xls
Hg, Cd, Cr undetectable Lake Towada asi-23-i2.txt
Hg, PCB, PCP Lake Paijanne eur-19-i2.xls
Ht, As, Cu, Zn, Pb Lake Chao asi-07-i2.xls
Industrial Chemicals Bratskoye Reservoir asi-61-i2.xls
Ust-Ilimskoye Reservoir asi-60-i2.xls
I_Toxic contamination Lake Hachiro asi-34-i2.txt
Lindane, 2,4-D, Mercury in fish (1985) and in water (1985) Lake Diefenbaker nam-58-i2.xls
Lindane, Alpha-BHC, Mercury in fish (1979-1981) and in water (1987) at water treatment intake Buffalo Pound Lake nam-57-i2.xls
Location of mercury sampling sites Lake Managua nam60-12.gif
Main contaminants (1985) Sagami Reservoir asi-18-i2.txt
Main contaminants and concentrations Lake Ogawara asi-40-i2.txt
Main contaminants and their concentrations (1985) Kamafusa Reservoir asi-59-i2.txt