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Item Category : I. Deterioration and Hazards

Item Name : I2 Toxic Contamination

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Sulphate deposition, by location (no dates) Okanagan Lake nam51-11.gif
Total DDT residues (1967-1983) Lake Superior nam04-10.gif
Total Hg distribution Lake Saint-John nam10-03.gif
Total PCB residues (1967-1983) Lake Superior nam04-11.gif
Toxic contamination (Kisumu, 1984) Lake Victoria afr-05-i2.txt
Toxic Organics and Heavy Metals in fish (1977-1983; ) Lake Erie nam-06-i2.xls
Toxic Organics and Heavy Metals in fish (1979-1983) Lake Huron nam-05-i2.xls
Toxic Organics and Heavy Metals in various media (1979-1982) Lake Ontario nam-07-i2.xls
Toxic Organics and Heavy Metals, comparative mean values for whole body contaminent burdens. Erie and Ontario Lake Erie nam06-06.gif
Trace organics, heavy metals in lake sediments Lake Michigan nam-03-i2.xls
Lake Superior nam-04-i2.xls
Trends in kokanee escapement, by location (before 1975 - after 1985) Okanagan Lake nam51-08.gif
Trichloroethane, etc. and Afrazin Zurich See eur-06-i2.xls
Zinc and pesticides (1986) Lake Okeechobee nam-20-i2.xls
Zn, Cu, Pb, Hg and Cd (1976-1980) Lake Slapy eur-39-i2.xls