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Item Category : I. Deterioration and Hazards

Item Name : I2 Toxic Contamination

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
DDE, Dieldrin, DDD and DDT in water, sediments, plankton, oligochaetes, benthic insects, and fish (1972-1979) Lake Chivero afr-08-i2.txt
DDE, PCB (1980) Harveys Lake nam-61-i2.xls
DDT in rainbow trout muscle (1970-1988) Okanagan Lake nam51-10.gif
Dieldrin residues (1967-1983) Lake Superior nam04-12.gif
DO, sludge deposit, oil&greese, gross radioactivity, Strontium-90, Phenol Webster Lake nam-39-i2.xls
Env. qual. std. for heavy metals and other chemicals The West Lake asi-53-i2.xls
Estimated and observed mercury levels (1983-1986) Lake Managua nam60-11.gif
Heavy metal and toxic organics WQ standards vs. measured concs. (1978, 1983) Lake Eyre oce-04-i2.xls
Heavy metals (1988) Lake Memphremagog nam-48-i2.xls
Heavy metals and trace organics in water, fish, etc. Not well known Lake Champlain nam-38-i2.xls
Heavy Metals in sediments (1977) Lake Saint-John nam-10-i2.xls
Heavy Metals in various media (1979) Kootenay Lake nam-25-i2.xls
Heavy metals in water and bottom mud (1981, 1986), in fish muscle and liver (1983-1986) Buttle Lake nam-55-i2.xls
Heavy metals in water supply Smith Mountain Lake nam-37-i2.xls
Heavy metals in water, sediments, fish (1982, 1983) Lake Valencia sam-05-i2.xls
Heavy metals in water, sediments, fish and other organisms. Sources Lake Balaton eur-04-i2.xls
Heavy metals in Yellow perch(1986) Massawippi Lake nam-49-i2.xls
Heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, DDT Lake Pielinen eur-18-i2.xls
Heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, PCBs Lake Malaren eur-13-i2.xls
Lake Hjalmaren eur-14-i2.xls