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Item Name : Scenery

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
A bird-eye view from the north Neusiedler See eur02.jpg
A bird-eye view of the lake Lake Toba asi10.jpg
Attersee eur03.jpg
Lake Nahuel Huapi sam02.jpg
Tonle Sap asi277.jpg
A bird-eye view of the reservoir Okutama Reservoir asi24.jpg
A bird-eye view of the whole lake Broa Reservoir sam01.jpg
A bird-eye view of the whole lake from the south Lake Inawashiro asi14.jpg
A fisheries research team setting a fishing net Lake Chivero afr08.jpg
A helicopter view of the blue water of upper lake and the muddy water of lower lake Lake Chicot nam19.jpg
A lake view from the eastern end at Peulla Lake Todos los Santos sam11.jpg
A lake view from the eastern shore Sagami Reservoir asi18.jpg
A lake view from the southeastern shore Lake Saroma asi36.jpg
Varna Lake eur35.jpg
A lake view on the artificial bank Inba-numa asi29.jpg
A lake view with house boats on the lake Dal Lake asi38.jpg
A lake view with Mt. Kaimon in the background Lake Ikeda asi30.jpg
A lake view with Urquhart castle Loch Ness eur08.jpg
A lakeside view Lake Chao asi07.jpg
Zurich See eur06.jpg