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Item Name : Scenery

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Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Looking southward from the barrage Lake Nasser afr19.jpg
Main outflowing channel and the lake Lake Hachiro asi34.jpg
Manicouagan dam ( at left ) and spillway ( in the middle ) Manicouagan Reservoir nam26.jpg
Mt. Fuji and the lake Lake Kawaguchi asi25.jpg
Northern part of the lagoon with Spartina marsh in the background Lake Rocha sam09.jpg
Northernmost part of the lake from Fort Mackinac Lake Michigan nam03.jpg
Northernmost part of the lake with the ancient Kilchurn Castle Loch Awe eur27.jpg
Northward view of the whole lake from southern end Lake Suwa asi31.jpg
On the lakeshore at Burlington Lake Ontario nam07.jpg
On the lakeshore at Stockholm Lake Malaren eur13.jpg
On the lakeshore at Taupo Lake Taupo oce01.jpg
On the northwestern end of Canadian lakeshore Lake Erie nam06.jpg
On the Yueyand Bay, East Lake Lake Dongting asi11.jpg
Outlet of the lake at its southern end Aishihik Lake nam27.jpg
Overlooking the lake from the west Lake Mashu asi22.jpg
Peace Reach looking east from westside of Mabeshe Inlet Williston Lake nam29.jpg
Routine sampling at the designated station Lake Paajarvi eur20.jpg
Lake Lukomskoje eur51.jpg
Routine sampling at the designated station in winter Webster Lake nam39.jpg
Southern shore of the lake, Virunga Mountains in the background Lake Edward afr12.jpg