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Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
A view from the northern end at Canandaigua City Canandaigua Lake nam14.jpg
A view from the northern hilltop Lake Taal asi58.jpg
A view from the northern shore Honeoye Lake nam13.jpg
A view from the northernmost shore Lake Kojima asi37.jpg
A view from the northwestern shore Owasco Lake nam18.jpg
A view from the southern shore Lake Volvi eur40.jpg
A view from the western shore Lake Thingvalla eur42.jpg
Seneca Lake nam16.jpg
A view of lake Donghu asi12.jpg
A view of Mc Tavish Arm Great Bear Lake nam30.jpg
A view of the dam site Nagase Reservoir asi06.jpg
A view of the lake Southern Indian Lake nam33.jpg
A view of the lake with Mt. Rainier in the background Lake Washington nam09.jpg
A view of the lakeshore Cahora Bassa afr14.jpg
Lake Vattern eur15.jpg
A view of the lakeshore in County of Orebro Lake Hjalmaren eur14.jpg
A view of the northern shore Keuka Lake nam15.jpg
A view of the sub-basin of Tehinselka Lake Paijanne eur19.jpg
A view of the whole lake Lunzer See eur10.jpg
A view on the lake Lake George afr10.jpg