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Item Category : F. Biological Features

Item Name : F3 Primary Production

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Bacterioplankton production and dominant algal species in the north basin (Feb.-June 1990) Lake Biwa JJL-SN

See Figs. 3 and 4 in particular.

Dominant phytoplankton, chlorophyll a and nutrient levels (Feb.-Dec. 1981) Lake Biwa JJL-YT

See Figs. 3-11.

Epiphytic and planktonic algae and biogeochemical characteristics in reed zones (1999) Lake Biwa JJL-OM

See Fig.4 in particular.

F_Primary Production Lake Tanganyika afr-06-f3.txt
Gross, monthly (1973-1976) Broa Reservoir sam-01-f3.xls
Gross, Respiration, Net (1971-1982), Station 1 Lake Kasumigaura asi-35-f3.txt
Monthly fluctuation of phytoplankton density Ezequiel Ramos Mexia Reservoir sam03-07.gif
Monthly, Net prod., Dark resp., and Gross prod. 1981 Lake Kawaguchi asi-25-f3.txt
Monthly, Net prod., Dark resp., and Gross prod. 1983 Lake Hachiro asi-34-f3.txt
Monthly, Net prod., Dark resp., and Gross prod. 1985 Lake Chuzenji asi-05-f3.txt
Net and gross, monthly (Sep, 1980 - Aug. 1981) Lower Lake ( as part of Lake Bhopal) asi-47-f3.xls
Net primary, monthly (1978, 1979) Manasbal Lake asi-57-f3.xls
Net production, dark respiration, gross production Tasek Bera asi-15-f3.xls
Net production, dark respiration, gross production. monthly (1976) Lake West asi-62-f3.xls
Net, dark, gross (1977-1978) Lake Phewa asi-04-f3.xls
Net, dark, gross (1984-1985) Okutama Reservoir asi-24-f3.txt
Past trend of primary productivity Lake Kinneret asi09-05.gif
Photosynthesis and spectral absorption, of phytoplankton during stratification in Northern Basin (1994-1995) Lake Biwa JJL-YT

See Figures 6-14.  Conclusion: "...phytoplankton could efficiently utilize the absorbed light energy for phtosynthsis under weak radiation in deep water."

Phytoplankton production rates, monthly (1081) Donghu asi-12-f3.xls
Phytoplankton production, by depth (1987-1988) Lake Turkana afr20-09.gif