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Item Category : F. Biological Features

Item Name : F3 Primary Production

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Photosynthetic activity (1987-1989) Lake Managua nam60-04.gif
Phytoplankton biovolume by class (1974) Lake Okeechobee nam20-06.gif
Phytoplankton cell numbers (1973) Keuka Lake nam15-04.gif
Seneca Lake nam16-04.gif
Phytoplankton cell numbers (1981-1986) Buttle Lake nam55-05.gif
Phytoplankton gross, monthly (1989) San Roque Reservoir sam-06-f3.xls
Lake Rocha sam-09-f3.xls
Phytoplankton primary productivity (1974-1975) Kamloops Lake nam54-07.gif
Phytoplankton production rates, monthly (1081) Donghu asi-12-f3.xls
Phytoplankton production, by depth (1987-1988) Lake Turkana afr20-09.gif
Phytoplankton stocks and composition (1969, 1970) Muskoka Lake nam24-12.gif
Phytoplankton, by station (1974-1987) Okanagan Lake nam51-06.gif
Phytoplankton, Copepoda, Mollusca (1983) Lake Chad afr-02-f3.txt
Phytoplankton, daily mean, daily maximum, yearly mean (1973-1980) Lake Mjosa eur-32-f3.xls
Phytoplankton, Net C14, by basin (1973) Lake Memphremagog nam-48-f3.xls
Phytoplankton, net production, montyly (1979-1980) Kejimkujik Lake nam-56-f3.xls
Primary Production Oguta Lake afr-18-f3.txt
Primary production in Lake Kasumigaura, 1981-1985 Lake Kasumigaura Takamura, N. and others

See Figs. 4-7 in particular.   Important concluding statement, "...The annual gross primary production...was intermediate among the values reported in other lakes with Microsystis bloom."

Primary production of phytoplankton, monthly profile by depth Lake Stechlin eur31-12.gif
Primary production per unit area (1968-1988) Muskoka Lake nam24-09.gif