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Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E7 Nitrogen

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Annual nitrogen budget (1974-1975) Kamloops Lake nam54-05.gif
By season (1968, 1976); NH4, NO3, NO2; Surface and Bottom Bratskoye Reservoir asi-61-e7.xls
Distribution of ammonia and nitrate as N (1979) Pyramid Lake nam23-09.gif
Distribution of inorganic nitrogen (1971) Lake Huron nam05-04.gif
E_Nitrogen Concentration Lake Kyoga afr-15-e7.txt
Northwood Lake nam-36-e7.xls
Horizontal distribution profile, upper 20m and below 20m (1964) Lake Michigan nam03-06.gif
Increasing of T-N and NO3-N concentration (1966-1976) Lake Mjosa eur32-09.gif
Inorganic nitrogen concentrations, May-September (no dates) Lake Simcoe nam42-04.gif
Kjeldhal N, monthly, by depth (1979) Lake Saint-John nam-10-e7.xls
Kjeldhal N, monthly, by depth (1982) Lake Washington nam-09-e7.xls
Kjeldhal N, monthly, by depth (1985, 1987) Lake Chicot nam-19-e7.xls
Mar. and Aug. at 3 stations, by depth (1983-1987) Lake Pielinen eur-18-e7.xls
Mar. and Aug. at 3 stations, by depth (1985) Lake Paijanne eur-19-e7.xls
Lake Ree eur-21-e7.xls
Monthly (1979-1983) Lake Balaton eur-04-e7.xls
Monthly variations in nitrate by depth (1976-1977) Pyramid Lake nam23-08.gif
NH-4 by depth (1974-1975) Volta Lake afr-16-e7.txt
NH-4, NO-3, by depth (1985) Lake Victoria afr-05-e7.txt
NH3-N, NO3-N, T-N. Min. Max. Ann. by depth (1975-1979) Lake Thingvalla eur-42-e7.xls