WLDB data list

Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E6 Chlorophyll

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Chlorophyll conc. on surface (1982-1984) Lake Chao asi-07-e6.xls
Chlorophyll concentration by depth (1982) Donghu asi-12-e6.xls
Chlorophyll concentration by depth (1985) Lake Victoria afr-05-e6.txt
Chlorophyll concentration by lake zone, Max, Min, Average The West Lake asi-53-e6.xls
Chlorophyll concentration by station (1986) Lake Buhi asi-20-e6.xls
Chlorophyll monthly (1977-1981) Lake Suwa asi31-04.gif
Chlorophyll on surface (1981-1990) Zeekoevlei afr-17-e6.txt
Chlorophyll, by depth (May 20, 1983) Lake Rara asi-03-e6.xls
Chlorophyll, October-November 1975 Lake Tanganyika afr-06-e6.txt
Chlorophyll-a and phaeo pigments concentrations (1973) Keuka Lake nam15-03.gif
Seneca Lake nam16-03.gif
Chlorophyll-a and phaeo pigments, by season (1972-1973) Hemlock Lake nam12-03.gif
Chlorophyll-a and phaeo pigments, by season (1973) Honeoye Lake nam13-02.gif
Chlorophyll-a and pheophytin seasonal changes Lake Constance eur33-08.gif
Chlorophyll-a concentration (1978-1986) Lake Kasumigaura asi35-06.gif
Chlorophyll-a concentration and biovolume of Nodularia spumigena (1986) Pyramid Lake nam23-06.gif
Chlorophyll-a concentration and photosynthetic rates, 4 daily profiles (1980) Lake Constance eur33-16.gif
Chlorophyll-a concentration and phytoplankton biovolume (1976-1977) Pyramid Lake nam23-07.gif
Chlorophyll-a seasonal profile Lake Thingvalla eur42-04.gif
Chlorophyll-a, primary productivity, T-P and Secch disc transparency. Erie, Michigan, Huron and Superior (1974) Lake Huron nam05-06.gif