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Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E6 Chlorophyll

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Chlorophyll-a, primary productivity, total phosphorus and Secch disc transparency (1974) Lake Michigan nam03-09.gif
Cholorophyll a+b+c,isopleths, monthly, by depth 0-250m (1980-1981) Lake Constance eur33-07.gif
Concentration (1988) Lake Qionghai asi-48-e6.xls
Concentration; 1976-1978 Bratskoye Reservoir asi-61-e6.xls
Depth profiles of chlorophyll a during stratification (1988) Lake Turkana afr20-07.gif
Depth profiles of chlorophyll-a in central, south and north (1988) Lake Turkana afr20-08.gif
Depth-year isoconcentration profiles (1985-1986) Lake Amatitlan nam41-07.gif
Horizontal distribution and seasonal change of chlorophyll a in the South Basin (Aug.1978 -Mar.1979) Lake Biwa JJL-MN

See Fig.2 in particular.   One of the concluding remarks, "....Chlorophyll-a conc. tended to change with three peaks in which dominant alga species differed among stations." 

Horizontal profile of Chlorophyll-a concentration in spring Lake Ladoga eur37-07.gif
Horizontal profile of Chlorophyll-a concentration in summer Lake Ladoga eur37-08.gif
Horizontal variation of chlorophyll-a concentration (1980) Lake Parakrama asi45-04.gif
Lake Parakrama asi45-05.gif
In Euphotic zone (Jun.- Oct. 1986) Baptiste Lake nam-43-e6.xls
Integrated 0-10m column (Nov.1977-Oct.1978) Loch Morar eur25-03.gif
Loch Shiel eur26-03.gif
Loch Awe eur27-03.gif
Loch Lomond eur28-03.gif
Integrated average total chlorophyll-a and extinction depth (1970-1984) Kootenay Lake nam25-05.gif
Jul. Aug. Dec. by depth (1973) Western Brook Pond nam-31-e6.xls
Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. by depth (1988) Williston Lake nam-29-e6.xls