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Item Category : D. Physiographic Features

Item Name : D2 Climatic

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Water temperature (1972-1974) Zurich See eur06-03.gif
Water temperature at lake centre, monthly, by depth (1979) Lake Abashiri asi52-03.gif
Water temperature by depth (1956-1988) Lake Onega eur36-02.gif
Water temperature horizontal profile (1975) Lake Ontario nam07-02.gif
Water temperature isopleths, monthly, by depth 0-250m (1982-1983) Lake Constance eur33-03.gif
Water temperature profiles Lake Nahuel Huapi sam02-02.gif
Water temperature seasonal profile Lake Thingvalla eur42-02.gif
Water temperature vs. depth, monthly (1979-1980) Windermere eur11-04.gif
Water temperature, eepilimnion, metalimnion, hypolimnion, monthly (1972-1973) Conesus Lake nam11-02.gif
Water temperature, isotherm by depth, monthly (1960-1961) Lake Victoria afr05-02.gif
Water temperature, Max, Min. (1874-1975) Lake Skadar eur09-02.gif
Water temperature, monthly (1983) Lake Kariba afr-04-d3.txt
Water temperature, monthly for 1m, 20m, 400m (1973-1974) Lake Mjosa eur32-02.gif
Water temperature, monthly, by depth (1984-1986) Lake Orta eur46-02.gif
Water temperature, monthly, by depth, May-October (no dates) Lake Simcoe nam42-02.gif
Water temperature, North basin iso-therm (depth vs. month) (no dates) Baptiste Lake nam43-04.gif
Water temperature, South basin iso-therm (depth vs. month) (1986, 1982-1983) Baptiste Lake nam43-03.gif