WLDB data list

Item Category : D. Physiographic Features

Item Name : D2 Climatic

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Seasonal variation of water temperature at lake centre Lake Issyk-Kool asi55-02.gif
Spatial distribution of mean annual rainfall Lake Songkhla asi02-02.gif
Spatial-time distribution of water temperature Ezequiel Ramos Mexia Reservoir sam03-02.gif
Temperature and DO, isopleths (1985-1976) Miquelon Lake nam46-03.gif
Temperature isopleths (1982) Twin Lakes nam21-02.gif
Temperature, precipitation, Min and Max, monthly(1908, 1967) Lake Albert afr-11-d2.txt
Temperature, precipitation, water temperature, etc. (1980, 1983) Manasbal Lake asi-57-d2.xls
Temperature-depth isotherm for South basin (1982-1983) Amisk Lake nam44-02.gif
Temperature-depth profile (1976) Lake Mendota nam01-02.gif
Temperature-depth profiles. upper, lower, mean (1972) Lake Ontario nam07-03.gif
Temperature-depth profils (Apr. Jun. Jul. Aug. Oct., 1976) Lake Michigan nam03-02.gif
Thermal profile La Grande 2 Reservoir nam28-03.gif
Thermal profiles Lake Lacar sam07-04.gif
Thermal stratification (1977-1981, 1982-1985) Twin Lakes nam21-10.gif
Time-depth diagram for water temperature (1982) Lake Dillon nam22-02.gif
Time-depth diagram of water temperature (May 1982 to May 1983) Lake Todos los Santos sam11-02.gif
Time-depth isotherm (1974-1975) Kamloops Lake nam54-03.gif
Vertical and seasonal distribution of water temperature (1969-1970) Lake Tahoe nam02-02.gif
Vertical distribution of temperature, salinity and water current velocity (1978) Varna Lake eur35-02.gif
Vertical distribution of water temperature Lake Tanganyika afr06-02.gif