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Item Category : D. Physiographic Features

Item Name : D2 Climatic

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Annual fluctuation of air temperature, rainfall and sunshine hour The West Lake asi53-02.gif
Annual fluctuation of T-P concentration The West Lake asi53-06.gif
Average depth of maximum snow accumulation Lake Biwa asi01-03.gif
Average monthly light extinction coefficient Lake Kinneret asi09-02.gif
Average monthly rainfall Lake Lacar sam07-03.gif
Average temperature, horizontal profiles (1971-1974) Canandaigua Lake nam14-03.gif
Daily evolution of water temperature and DO profile (1988, 1989) Lake Managua nam60-03.gif
Data missing Lake Toba asi-10-d2.xls
Depth / season isotherms (1962-1971) Lake Maggiore eur05-04.gif
Depth / season isotherms (1973) Lake Paajarvi eur20-02.gif
Depth / season isotherms (1983) Zurich See eur06-02.gif
Depth isotherms at Station H1 (months, 1987-1988) Lake Turkana afr20-03.gif
Distribution of mean annual precipitation Lake Biwa asi01-02.gif
D_Climatic Data Lake Paanajarvi eur-43-d2.xls
Lake G. Dimitrov eur-44-d2.xls
Lake Annecy eur-45-d2.xls
Lake Orta eur-46-d2.xls
Lake Vortsjarv eur-47-d2.xls
Lake Druksiai eur-48-d2.xls
Lake Amatitlan nam-41-d2.xls