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Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E3 SS, Solids

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Annual mean, in the ultra-profundal zone (1979-1990) Lake Ladoga eur37-05.gif
At lake center, by depth (Apr. Jun. Aug. 1988) Lake Paanajarvi eur-43-e3.xls
By depth (1974, 1988) Williston Lake nam-29-e3.xls
Changes of suspended solid concentration and bacterial numbers (1973) Kuybyshev Reservoir eur54-04.gif
Depth / season isopleths of SS (1985) Lake Maggiore eur05-06.gif
Depth-year isoconcentration profiles (1985-1986) Lake Amatitlan mam41-05.gif
Distribution of siltation depth in the reservoir, toward upstream of High Dam(1975) Lake Nasser afr19-15.gif
DM (dry matters), C, N and Chlorophyll-a, at sampling stations (Aug-Sep. 1979) Lake Thingvalla eur-42-e3.xls
Extent of turbid flood water in lake (1966-1974) Lake Nasser afr19-08.gif
Lake center (May-Oct.1983-1987) Lake Balta Alba eur-41-e3.xls
Lake center, surface, monthly (Feb.^Aug. 1984) Lake Ypacarai sam-08-e3.xls
Min. Max., Ann. (July 1978, 1983) Lake Eyre oce-04-e3.xls
Monthly (1979-1983) Lake Balaton eur-04-e3.xls
Monthly (1984-1985) Great Central Lake nam-34-e3.xls
Monthly (1985-1986) Lake Okeechobee nam-20-e3.xls
Monthly (May1973-Apr.1974) Lake Trasimeno eur-29-e3.xls
Monthly at -0.3m (1989-1991) Lake Vortsjarv eur-47-e3.xls
Monthly mean by depth (1982) for st. 1 Lake Shumarinai asi-33-e3.xls
Monthly mean by depth (1982-1986) for Station 1 and Station 2 Lake Biwa asi-01-e3.txt
Monthly mean, 0-10m (1977) Lake Sniardwy eur-30-e3.xls