WLDB data list

Item Category : F. Biological Features

Item Name : F4 Biomass

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Past trend of phytoplankton population density (Sep.1975-Oct.1984) Lake Balta Alba eur41-06.gif
Past trend of the raw biomass of phytoplankton (1948-1960) Lake Baikal asi27-07.gif
Past trend of total zooplankton biomass (1976-1980) Lake Mendota nam01-11.gif
Percentage contribution of the different algal groups (Mar.1985-Mar.1986) Lake Volvi eur40-09.gif
Perch biomass and population (1940-1975) Windermere eur11-14.gif
Phtosynthetic activity of the phytoplankton (1964) Lake Baikal asi27-06.gif
Phytoplankt, Macrophytes, Zooplnkton, Benthos (1983) Lake Chad afr-02-f4.txt
Phytoplankton (1966, 1973, 1976, 1984), zooplankton (1973, 1976, 1977), benthos (1976, 1977), fish (1963-1970, 1970-1976) Lake Sniardwy eur-30-f4.xls
Phytoplankton (1970-1985) Lake Kinneret asi09-06.gif
Phytoplankton (1972, 1973) and zooplankton (1976), whole lake Lake Hovsgol asi-51-f4.xls
Phytoplankton (1972-1978), Zooplankton (1974-1978) Bratskoye Reservoir asi-61-f4.xls
Phytoplankton (1972-1985), Zooplankton (1976-1982) Ust-Ilimskoye Reservoir asi-60-f4.xls
Phytoplankton (1990-1991) and Zooplankton (1990-1992) by depth Kanhargaov Reservoir asi-63-f4.xls
Phytoplankton and protozoan (1975) Lake Tanganyika afr-06-f4.txt
Phytoplankton and zooplankton (1984-1985); bottom fauna by depth (1987) Lake Paijanne eur-19-f4.xls
Phytoplankton and zooplankton, dry weight and wet weight. Boraped Reservoir asi-19-f4.xls
Lake Buhi asi-20-f4.xls
Phytoplankton biomas volume, monthly (1980-1982) Lake Constance eur33-17.gif
Phytoplankton biomass (1979, 1980), hourly (Sept.1, 1979) Lake Parakrama asi-45-f4.xls
Phytoplankton biomass (1981-1990) Zeekoevlei afr-17-f4.txt