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Item Category : F. Biological Features

Item Name : F4 Biomass

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Population density of total zooplankton (Apr. 1975-Jun. 1976) Lake Chilwa afr01-04.gif
Population density, composition and rate of appearance of phytoplankton, monthly (1i78-1979) Lake Abashiri asi52-13.gif
Primary production of phytoplankton, monthly (1970-1981) Lake Stechlin eur31-15.gif
Relative abundance and biomass of algal groups (June 1982-Feb. 1983) Lake Todos los Santos sam11-06.gif
Seasonal chanages of copepods biomass (no date) Lake Managua nam60-09.gif
Seasonal change in phytoplankton biomass (Mar.1985-Mar.1986) Lake Volvi eur40-08.gif
Seasonal change of phytoplankton, monthly max and min (1981-1982) Lake Tahoe nam02-08.gif
Seasonal change s of zooplankton biomass (no date) Lake Managua nam60-08.gif
Seasonal changes in zooplankton (1972-1973) Owasco Lake nam18-07.gif
Seasonal changes in zooplankton biomass (1972-1973) Hemlock Lake nam12-07.gif
Seasonal distribution of phytoplankton biomass (1972-1973) Hemlock Lake nam12-06.gif
Seasonal distribution of phytoplankton biomass (1972-1973) Owasco Lake nam18-06.gif
Seasonal distribution of phytoplankton density, April (May)-September (no dates) Lake Simcoe nam42-06.gif
Seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton (1972) Lake Hjalmaren eur14-05.gif
Seasonal periodicity of phytoplankton biovolume, cell and colony number (1976-1978) Lake Stechlin eur31-13.gif
Seasonal variation in phytoplankton biomass (1965) Buffalo Pound Lake nam57-03.gif
Seasonal variation of total phytoplankton biomass (1986-1988) Lake Managua nam60-06.gif
Standing crop of periphyton by depth (1978 and 1981) Lake Thingvalla eur42-07.gif
Submerged macrophyte, southern basin, echo-sounder (1994-2001) Lake Biwa JJl-TO

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See Figs. 6, 7, 8 and 9 in particular.See Fig.4 and 5, in particular.

Submerged macrophytes (1964-1974) Lake Biwa asi-01-f4.txt