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Item Category : F. Biological Features

Item Name : F4 Biomass

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
5 species, by 4 zones Tasek Bera asi-15-f4.xls
Annual average of zooplankton biomass Lake Kinneret asi09-07.gif
Bacteria, planktons, macrophytes, benthos, fish Lake Suwa asi-31-f4.txt
Biomass by depth, May and October Lake Issyk-Kool asi-55-f4.xls
Crustacean abundance, monthly Lake Phewa asi04-02.gif
Data missing Lake Toba asi-10-f4.xls
F_Biomass Bratskoye Reservoir asi-61-f4.xls
Lake Paijanne eur-19-f4.xls
Lake Annecy eur-45-f4.xls
Tjeuke meer eur-01-f4.xls
Lake Vortsjarv eur-47-f4.xls
Lake Druksiai eur-48-f4.xls
Lake Baikal asi-27-f4.xls
Lake Simcoe nam-42-f4.xls
Baptiste Lake nam-43-f4.xls
Lake Maggiore eur-05-f4.xls
Lake Chilwa afr-01-f4.txt
Lake Chervonoje eur-50-f4.xls
Amisk Lake nam-44-f4.xls
Lake Chad afr-02-f4.txt