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Item Category : I. Deterioration and Hazards

Item Name : I3 Eutrophication

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
T-P and Sol. P from different sources (1976-1977) Lake Mendota nam-01-i3.xls
T-P by source, i.e., domestic, agricultural, natural San Roque Reservoir sam-06-i3.xls
T-P by sources (1981) Northwood Lake nam-36-i3.xls
T-P from source types Webster Lake nam-39-i3.xls
Kezar Lake nam-40-i3.xls
T-P from source types (1973) Lake Champlain nam-38-i3.xls
T-P loading by source (1984-1985) Lake Sniardwy eur-30-i3.xls
T-P loading total (1971) Kejimkujik Lake nam-56-i3.xls
T-P loading total (1975-1985) Lake Diefenbaker nam-58-i3.xls
T-P loadings Starnberger See eur-24-i3.xls
T-P loadings (1972, 1987) Lake Memphremagog nam-48-i3.xls
T-P loadings (1978-1979) Attersee eur-03-i3.xls
T-P loadings by source (1984) Neusiedler See eur-02-i3.xls
T-P loadings from indutrial, agricultural and natural sources (1988) Lake G. Dimitrov eur-44-i3.xls
T-P loadings from sources (1974) Massawippi Lake nam-49-i3.xls
T-P loadings from sources (1980) Wood Lake nam-52-i3.xls
Skaha Lake nam-53-i3.xls
T-P loadings, by source (1983) Lake Inawashiro asi-14-i3.txt
TDN and TDP, industrial , domestic, runoff, atmosph. (1979-1980) Donghu asi-12-i3.xls
TN and TP loadings (1977) Baptiste Lake nam-43-i3.xls