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Item Name : GEF/WB/ILEC LBMI Project

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Aral Sea Aral Sea 01_Aral_Sea_27February2006.pdf
Lake Baikal Lake Baikal 02_Lake_Baikal_27February2006.pdf
Lake Baringo Lake Baringo 03_Lake_Baringo_27February2006.pdf
Lake Biwa Lake Biwa 05_Lake_Biwa_27February2006.pdf
Lake Brief (LBMI Project) Lower Lake ( as part of Lake Bhopal) 04_Bhoj_Wetland_27February2006.pdf
Lake Chad Lake Chad 06_Lake_Chad_27February2006.pdf
Lake Champlain Lake Champlain 07_Lake_Champlain_27February2006.pdf
Lake Chilika Lake Chilika 08_Chilika_Lagoon_27February2006.pdf
Lake Cocibolca Lake Cocibolca (Nicaragua) 09_Lake_Cocibolca_27February2006.pdf
Lake Constance Lake Constance 10_Lake_Constance_27February2006.pdf
Lake Dianchi Dianchi 11_Lake_Dianchi_27February2006.pdf
Lake Erie Lake Erie 12_Great_Lakes_of_North_America_27February2006.pdf
Lake Huron Lake Huron 12_Great_Lakes_of_North_America_27February2006.pdf
Lake Issyk-Kool Lake Issyk-Kool 13_Lake_Issyk-Kul_27February2006.pdf
Lake Kariba Lake Kariba 14_Kariba_Reservoir_27February2006.pdf
Lake Khanka (Xingkai) Lake Khanka 28_Lake_Xingkai_Khanka_27February2006.pdf
Lake Laguna de Bay Laguna de Bay 15_Laguna_de_Bay_27February2006.pdf
Lake Malawi Lake Malawi 16_Lake_Malawi_Nyasa_27February2006.pdf
Lake Michigan Lake Michigan nam-03.html
Lake Naivasha Lake Naivasha 17_Lake_Naivasha_27February2006.pdf