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Item Category : D. Physiographic Features

Item Name : D0 Sketch map

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Areas of concern Lake Michigan nam03-16.gif
Lake Superior nam04-15.gif
Lake Huron nam05-09.gif
Lake Erie nam06-08.gif
Lake Ontario nam07-12.gif
Catchment area Lake Constance eur33-01.gif
Depth profiles Lake Ypacarai sam08-02.gif
Detailed basin delineation map (GEF-LBMI map) Lake Victoria afr05-06.jpg
Distribution map of pollutant sources Lake Vortsjarv eur47-06.gif
Drainage basin Lake Abashiri asi52-01.gif
Elevation/surface area curve of the lake Lake Eyre oce04-04.gif
Elevetion/volume curve of the lake Lake Eyre oce04-03.gif
Filled lake, encircling channel, inflowing rivers, etc. Lake Hachiro asi34-01.gif
Kootenay Lake Kootenay Lake nam25-01.gif
Lake and he surroundings Okanagan Lake nam51-01.gif
Lake and immediate surroundings Broa Reservoir sam01-01.gif
Lake and surrounding Lake Guiers afr09-01.gif
Varna Lake eur35-01.gif
Lake Onega eur36-01.gif
Lake and surroundings Lake G. Dimitrov eur44-01.gif