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Item Category : D. Physiographic Features

Item Name : D0 Sketch map

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Lakes and surroundings Oguta Lake afr18-01.gif
Location of sampling stations Lake Vortsjarv eur47-04.gif
Mackenzie Basin Williston Lake nam29-01.gif
Mahaweli River Diversion Scheme Lake Parakrama asi45-10.gif
Observation stations Lake Ladoga eur37-04.gif
Past trend of dissolved oxygen, monthly (1967-1979) Lake Rotorua oce03-02.gif
Past trend of filling levels (1950, …, 1980) Lake Eyre oce04-06.gif
Past trend of Total-N, monthly (1973-1982) Lake Rotorua oce03-03.gif
Past trend of Total-P (1967-1982) Lake Rotorua oce03-04.gif
Past trend os annual inflow (1885-1980) Lake Eyre oce04-07.gif
pH on surface and bottom (1978-1981) Lake Kojima asi37-01.gif
Physiographic zoning of the lake Lake Ladoga eur37-03.gif
Sampling stations set up at the river mouth Lake Okeechobee nam20-07.gif
Sampling stations set up in the lake Lake Okeechobee nam20-02.gif
Schematic diagram of development plans Broa Reservoir sam01-04.gif
Schematic map of the bottom sediments Lake Issyk-Kool asi55-04.gif
Seasonal change of meteorological conditions (1984) Lake Eyre oce04-05.gif
Sketch map Lake Nahuel Huapi sam02-01.gif
Lake Lacar sam07-01.gif
Lake Trasimeno eur29-02.gif