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Item Category : D. Physiographic Features

Item Name : D0 Sketch map

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Lake and surroundings Western Brook Pond nam31-01.gif
Cahora Bassa afr14-01.gif
Hazen Lake nam32-01.gif
Southern Indian Lake nam33-01.gif
Great Central Lake nam34-01.gif
Lake Kariba afr04-01.gif
Caniapiscau Reservoir nam35-02.gif
Smith Mountain Lake nam37-01.gif
The West Lake asi53-01.gif
Lake West asi62-01.gif
Tasek Bera asi15-01.gif
Lake Sniardwy eur30-01.gif
Baptiste Lake nam43-01.gif
Tjeuke meer eur01-01.gif
Lake Toba asi10-01.gif
Lake Sancha asi49-01.gif
Lake Dongting asi11-01.gif
Lake Toya asi17-01.gif
Lake Nasser afr19-01.gif
Lake Songkhla asi02-01.gif