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Item Category : H. Lake Utilization

Item Name : H2 Lake as Water Resource

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Data missing Lake Songkhla asi-02-h2.xls
Lake Guiers afr-09-h2.xls
Domestic Lake Saguling asi-39-h2.xls
Lake Champlain nam-38-h2.xls
Lake Simcoe nam-42-h2.xls
Lake Tahoe nam-02-h2.xls
Lake Inari eur-17-h2.xls
Lake Pielinen eur-18-h2.xls
Domestic (1982) Lake Taupo oce-01-h2.xls
Domestic (1985) Lake Derg eur-22-h2.xls
Lake Hjalmaren eur-14-h2.xls
Lake Vattern eur-15-h2.xls
Lake Vanern eur-16-h2.xls
Domestic (1987) Lake Driyviaty eur-55-h2.xls
Domestic and industrial (1974) Lake Memphremagog nam-48-h2.xls
Domestic and industrial (1983) Buffalo Pound Lake nam-57-h2.xls
Zurich See eur-06-h2.xls
Lake Geneva eur-07-h2.xls
Domestic and irrigation (1986) Lake Hachiro asi-34-h2.txt
Domestic, hydropower Lake Slapy eur-39-h2.xls