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Item Category : H. Lake Utilization

Item Name : H2 Lake as Water Resource

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Domestic, hydropower (1982) Lake Chuzenji asi-05-h2.txt
Domestic, hydropwer (1982) Lake Stechlin eur-31-h2.xls
Domestic, industrial and hydropower Wabamun Lake nam-45-h2.xls
Domestic, industrial and irrigation Lake Kasumigaura asi-35-4.png
Domestic, industrial, hydropower Lake Paijanne eur-19-h2.xls
Lake Ree eur-21-h2.xls
Domestic, industrial, hydropower (1987) Lake Saint-John nam-10-h2.xls
Domestic, industrial, irrigation, agricultural, others (1989) Kuybyshev Reservoir eur-54-h2.xls
Domestic, irrigation (1986) Lake Victoria afr-05-h2.txt
Domestic, irrigation (1988) Great Central Lake nam-34-h2.xls
Domestic, irrigation (1992) Kanhargaov Reservoir asi-63-h2.xls
Domestic, irrigation ,industrial and hydropowe (1980) Aishihik Lake nam-27-h2.xls
Domestic, irrigation and industrial Wood Lake nam-52-h2.xls
Domestic, irrigation and industrial (1985) Skaha Lake nam-53-h2.xls
Domestic, irrigation and industrial (1988) Kamloops Lake nam-54-h2.xls
Domestic, irrigation, agriculture, indstrial Lake Onega eur-36-h2.xls
Domestic, irrigation, hydropower Lake G. Dimitrov eur-44-h2.xls
Lake Inawashiro asi-14-4.png
Domestic, irrigation, hydropower (1977) Lake Ogawara asi-40-h2.txt
Domestic, irrigation, hydropower (1984) Lake Phewa asi-04-h2.xls