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Item Category : G. Socio-economic Conditions

Item Name : G1 Land Use

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Natural, others Lake Uvildy eur-52-g1.xls
Natural. Residential Lake Akan asi-21-g1.txt
Percentages of the watershed land designated by respective land use plans Lake Biwa lre_251_f2.gif

Fig. 2. The percentages of the specified areas of land use controls in the entire Lake Biwa watershed.

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Primary industry, Secondary industry Lake Saguling asi-39-g1.xls
Urban, agriculture, pasture, forest landuse map Lake Amatitlan nam41-08.gif
Urban, rural, total Volta Lake afr-16-g1.xls
Watershed land use map Conesus Lake nam11-10.gif