WLDB data list

Item Category : G. Socio-economic Conditions

Item Name : G1 Land Use

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Natural and others Lake Maggiore eur-05-g1.xls
Natural, agricultural, residential, others Lake Toya asi-17-g1.txt
Natural, agricultural, residential, others (1981) Lake Shinji asi-42-g1.xls
Natural, others Lake Shikotsu asi-16-g1.txt
Natural, agricultura and residential (No date) Lake Burley Griffin oce-02-g1.xls
Natural, agricultura, others Lake Paijanne eur-19-g1.xls
Lake Ree eur-21-g1.xls
Lake Derg eur-22-g1.xls
Lake Malaren eur-13-g1.xls
Lake Hjalmaren eur-14-g1.xls
Lake Vattern eur-15-g1.xls
Lake Vanern eur-16-g1.xls
Natural, agricultura, residential others Lake Pielinen eur-18-g1.xls
Natural, agricultura, residential, others Lake Paajarvi eur-20-g1.xls
Ammersee eur-23-g1.xls
Starnberger See eur-24-g1.xls
Loch Morar eur-25-g1.xls
Loch Shiel eur-26-g1.xls
Loch Awe eur-27-g1.xls
Natural, agricultural Neusiedler See eur-02-g1.xls