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Item Category : G. Socio-economic Conditions

Item Name : G2 Industries

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
By industrial type (1981) Lake Malaren eur-13-g2.xls
Lake Hjalmaren eur-14-g2.xls
Lake Vattern eur-15-g2.xls
Lake Vanern eur-16-g2.xls
Fisheries Lake Phewa asi-04-g2.xls
G_Industries in the Catchment Area Lake Ontario nam-07-g2.xls
Buttle Lake nam-55-g2.xls
Lake Winnipeg nam-08-g2.xls
Smith Mountain Lake nam-37-g2.xls
Lake G. Dimitrov eur-44-g2.xls
Buffalo Pound Lake nam-57-g2.xls
Lake Champlain nam-38-g2.xls
Lake Saint-John nam-10-g2.xls
Lake Diefenbaker nam-58-g2.xls
Lake Vortsjarv eur-47-g2.xls
Lake Amatitlan nam-41-g2.xls
Lake Burley Griffin oce-02-g2.xls
Lake Simcoe nam-42-g2.xls
Amisk Lake nam-44-g2.xls
Lake Trasimeno eur-29-g2.xls