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Item Category : G. Socio-economic Conditions

Item Name : G2 Industries

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Primary, secondary, tertiary (1982) Lake Taupo oce-01-g2.xls
Lake Dongting asi-11-g2.xls
Primary, secondary, tertiary (1984) Okutama Reservoir asi-24-g2.txt
Primary, secondary, tertiary (1985) Lake Hamana asi-44-g2.txt
Inba-numa asi-29-g2.txt
Kamafusa Reservoir asi-59-g2.txt
Primary, secondary, tertiary (1990) Lake West asi-62-g2.xls
Primary, secondary, tertiary (1993) Lake Banyoles eur-56-g2.xls
Primary, secondary, tertiary (No date) Lake Burley Griffin oce-02-g2.xls
Primary, tertiary Lake Towada asi-23-g2.txt
Primary, tertiary (1979) Buffalo Pound Lake nam-57-g2.xls
Production statistics; primary, secondary, tertiary (1981) Lake Biwa asi-01-g2.txt
Secondary (1987) Wabamun Lake nam-45-g2.xls
Secondary, agricultural Voronegskoe Reservoir eur-53-g2.xls
Secondary, by industrial type Lake Amatitlan nam-41-g2.xls
Secondary, gross product, no. persons, no. establishments, majro indstries (1988) Lake Fateh Sagar asi-46-g2.xls