WLDB data list

Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E8 Phosphorus

List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
T-P (May-Oct.1987), other w.q. parameter values, including N, P and Chloropyll (1983-1985) Wabamun Lake nam-45-e8.xls
T-P and Chlorophyll, May-Aug. Miquelon Lake nam46-04.gif
T-P and chlorophyll-a, May - Oct. Wabamun Lake nam45-06.gif
T-P and O2, yearly (1972-1986) Zurich See eur06-10.gif
T-P and PO4 trends, together with conductivity and NO3-N (1964-1982) Lake Annecy eur45-09.gif
T-P and PO4-P, by depth (Nov-Mar, Apr-May, Jun-Oct. 1979-1983) Lake Uvildy eur-52-e8.xls
T-P and PO4-P, monthly (1974) Lake Mjosa eur32-08.gif
T-P and SRP, conc. vs. depth, South Basin (1979) Windermere eur11-11.gif
T-P and SRP, monthly, South Basin (1973-1974) Windermere eur11-10.gif
T-P at -0.5m, by station, monthly (1986-1990) Lake Hovsgol asi-51-e8.xls
T-P at -0.5m, in May and Aug. (1985-1988) Lake Sancha asi-49-e8.xls
T-P by depth (1969) Volta Lake afr-16-e8.txt
T-P by depth (Sep.10, 1984) Lake Phewa asi-04-e8.xls
T-P concentration, seasonal and annual trends, Southern Lake, Northern Lake, Seta River (1972-1982) Lake Biwa asi01-09.gif
T-P monthly treand (1985) Lake Towada asi-23-e8.xls
T-P of surface water (1983-1984) Dal Lake asi-38-e8.xls
T-P on surface and 1m below surface (1986) Lake Buhi asi-20-e8.xls
T-P on surface and bottom, monthly (1978-1981) Lake Kojima asi37-11.gif
T-P on surface, center of the lake (1960, 1965, 1990) Lake West asi-62-e8.xls
T-P vertical profiles (1960, 1961) Lake Albert afr11-07.gif