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Item Name : F6 Past Trends

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Annual fish catch (1986) Lake Hamana asi-44-f6.txt
Average weight of rainbow trout (1905-1080) Lake Taupo oce01-04.gif
Data missing Lake George afr-10-f6.txt
Depth distribution of the invertebrate animals (0-100m) Lake Taupo oce01-03.gif
Fishery production Lake Biwa asi-01-f6.xls
Fluctuation of Elodea nuttallii, an alien species (1988-1989) Lake Biwa JJL-EH

See Fig. 7 in particular.

Past trend of fish catch (1962-1979) Lake West asi-62-f6.xls
Phytoplankton biomass Lake Biwa asi01-11.gif
Phytoplankton conc., monthly (1971, 72, 78-79, 84): by season (1978, 1979) Manasbal Lake asi-57-f6.xls
Phytoplankton standing crop, monthly (1975-1977); primary production, monthly (1974-1978) Lake Rotorua oce-03-f6.xls
Population densities of main phytoplankton taxa Lake Biwa asi01-12.gif
Primary production rate (1963, 1964, 1973, 1974, 1977, 1983)81) Donghu asi-12-f6.xls
Primary production rate and phytoplankton biomass (1974-1980) Zurich See eur-06-f6.xls
Sudden expansion of submerged macrophytes (2008) Lake Biwa JJL-HH

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See Figs. 6, 7, 8 and 9 in particular.See Fig.2, 3 and 4 in particular.

Total sales of fishing licences (1930-1980) Lake Taupo oce01-05.gif
Trend of annual fish catch (1976-1985) Lake Suwa asi31-03.gif
Trends of annual fish catch (1950-1990) Lake Issyk-Kool asi55-05.gif
Zooplankton by lake section (1980 vs 1988) The West Lake asi-53-f6.xls