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Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E5 COD

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
COD yearly mean (1985-2016) Lake Tazawa asi-244-1.png
COD yearly mean (1989-2014) Lake Inawashiro asi-14-1.png
COD yearly mean, at Noishi bridge, Ogata bridge, lake center (1976-2016) Lake Hachiro asi-34-1.png
COD yearly mean, at RP1, RP2, RP2 (1986-2016) Lake Ikeda asi-30-1.png
COD, middle lake by depth, monthly (1983-1985) Lake Dongting asi-11-e5.xls
Donghu asi-12-e5.xls
COD, on surface, by KMNO4, monthly (1969) Lake West asi-62-e5.xls
COD, surface water KMnO4 (1983-1984) Dal Lake asi-38-e5.xls
COD-KMnO4, by depth, monthly (1986) Lake Saguling asi-39-e5.xls
DOC, October-November 1975 Lake Tanganyika afr-06-e5.txt
Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. by depth (1988) Williston Lake nam-29-e5.xls
K2Cr2O7, lake center, surface, monthly (Feb.-Aug. 1984) Lake Ypacarai sam-08-e5.xls
K2Cr2O7, monthly at -1.0m (1971) Tjeuke meer eur-01-e5.xls
K2Cr2O7, monthly, by depth (1987) Lake Driyviaty eur-55-e5.xls
K2Cr2O7, monthly, by depth, by station (1981-1985, 1990) Kuybyshev Reservoir eur-54-e5.xls
KMnO4 and BOD, monthly at -0.3m (1989-1991) Lake Vortsjarv eur-47-e5.xls
KMnO4, by depth (Nov-Mar, Apr-May, Jun-Oct. 1979-1983) Lake Uvildy eur-52-e5.xls
KMnO4, by season, by station, at -0.5m and bottom (1979-1983) Lake Druksiai eur-48-e5.xls
KMnO4, lake center (May-Oct, 1983-1987) Lake Balta Alba eur-41-e5.xls
KMnO4, monthly, at -0.2m (1987-1989) Voronegskoe Reservoir eur-53-e5.xls