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Item Category : E. Water Quality

Item Name : E10 Past Trends

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
Annual change of water temperature, transparency, chlorophyll-a concentration and COD value Lake Abashiri asi52-12.gif
No data Volta Lake afr-16-f6.txt
Past trend of annual fish catch (1980-1985) Lake Nojiri asi43-02.gif
Past trend of T-N (annual mean, 1988-2014) Lake Nojiri asi-43-2.png
Past trend of T-N and TP (1976-1980) Lake Kawaguchi asi25-03.gif
Past trend of T-P (annual mean, 1988-2014) Lake Nojiri asi-43-3.png
Past Trend of transparency (monthly, for different years) Lake Kawaguchi asi25-02.gif
Past Trends Data Lake Nasser afr-19-e10.txt
T-N and T-P (1965-1966, 19890-1981, 1983-1984) Dal Lake asi-38-e10.xls
Temp., Transparency, pH, DO, PO4-P Lake Buhi asi-20-e10.xls
Transparency at lake center (1974-1979) Lake Inawashiro asi14-02.gif
Trend of chlorophylle-a (1982-1986) Inba-numa asi29-03.gif
Tega-numa asi28-03.gif
Trend of chlorophylle-a, T-N, and TP (1976-1985) Sagami Reservoir asi18-04.gif
Trend of COD (annual mean, 1988-2014) Lake Nojiri asi-43-1.png
Trend of COD and BOD (1976-1985) Sagami Reservoir asi18-03.gif
Trend of fish catch (1957-1980) Inba-numa asi29-05.gif
Tega-numa asi28-05.gif
Trend of nutrients, T-N and T-P (1979-1985) Inba-numa asi29-04.gif
Tega-numa asi28-04.gif