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Item Category : J. Wastewater Treatment

Item Name : J2 Nutrient Loads

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List of Data
Item TitleLake NameItemMore Info.
By point and nonpoint sources (1976) Lake Superior nam-04-j2.xls
by source (1976) Lake Michigan nam-03-j2.xls
By source types, % (1970, 1980 and 1987) Okanagan Lake nam-51-j2.xls
By source types, % (no date) Buffalo Pound Lake nam-57-j2.xls
Kamloops Lake nam-54-j2.xls
Contribution from sources, % Kezar Lake nam-40-j2.xls
Inputs of phosphorus and nitrogen Cayuga Lake nam-17-j2.xls
Cayuga Lake nam17-05.gif
N and P by source category (1979-1983) Lake Biwa asi-01-j2.txt
Natural, agrecultural, domestic and indutrial Lake Mjosa eur-32-j2.xls
Natural, atmospheric, municipal and industrial, crop fiels by % (1981-1985) Lake Derg eur-22-j2.xls
Lake Malaren eur-13-j2.xls
Lake Hjalmaren eur-14-j2.xls
Lake Vattern eur-15-j2.xls
Nitrogen loadings Owasco Lake nam18-09.gif
No. and % of total, families with sanitary facilities of different kind Lake Amatitlan nam-41-j3.xls
Non-point, point Lake Rotorua oce-03-j2.xls
Non-point, Point sources Lake Banyoles eur-56-j2.xls
Nonpoint Lake Naroch eur-49-j2.xls
Nonpoint 100% Baptiste Lake nam-43-j2.xls