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Item Name : F2 Fauna

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Ecological notes of the fishes and their Interspecific relations (1966) Lake Biwa JJL-TM

See Tables 1 and 2.

Fauna Lake Fateh Sagar asi-46-f2.txt
Lake Shumarinai asi-33-e2.txt
Boraped Reservoir asi-19-f2.txt
Individual number of total zooplankton, monthly Lake Rara asi03-02.gif
Population density of total benthos, whole lake (1973-1977) Laguna de Bay asi13-10.gif
Population density of total zooplankton, whole lake (1973-1977) Laguna de Bay asi13-09.gif
Seasonal abundance of benthic fauna Lake Fateh Sagar asi46-09.gif
Seasonal variation of gross and net production Lake Fateh Sagar asi46-08.gif
T-N and T-P loadings: industrial, domestic, agriculture (1975) Lake Kizaki asi-32-f2.txt
Zooplankton at different stations along the main channel of lake (1976) Lake Nasser afr19-13.gif
Zooplankton, benthos, fish Lake Mashu asi-22-f2.txt
Nagase Reservoir asi-06-f2.txt
Lake Ikeda asi-30-f2.txt
Lake Kasumigaura asi-35-f2.txt