List of Lakes (Search Lake by Initial = L )

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Lake Name (short) Lake Name (in full) Country
La Grande 2 La Grande 2 Reservoir Canada
La Grande 3 La Grande 3 Reservoir Canada
La Grande 4 La Grande 4 Reservoir Canada
La Plata Lake La Plata Argentina
Lacar Lake Lacar Argentina
Ladoga Lake Ladoga Russia
Laguna de Bay Laguna de Bay ( Laguna Lake ) Philippines
Lake Amboseli Lake Amboseli Kenya
Lake Arpi Lake Arpi
Lake Benmore Lake Benmore New Zealand
Lake Bolsena Lake Bolsena Italy
Lake Bracciano Lake Bracciano Italy
Lake Burungi Lake Burungi Tanzania
Lake Chala Lake Chala Kenya / Tanzania
Lake Ellesmere Lake Ellesmere New Zealand
Lake Eyasi Lake Eyasi Tanzania
Lake Fitri Lake Fitri Chad
Lake Geneva Lake Geneva ( Leman ) Switzerland / France
Lake Hawea Lake Hawea New Zealand
Lake Idro Lake Idro Italy
Lake Iseo Lake Iseo Italy
Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne Switzerland
Lake Magadi Lake Magadi Kenya
Lake Manapouri Lake Manapouri New Zealand
Lake Manyame Lake Manyame Zimbabwe
Lake Manyara Lake Manyara Tanzania
Lake Mead Lake Mead USA
Lake Poso Lake Poso
Lake Powell Lake Powell USA
Lake Pukaki Lake Pukaki New Zealand
Lake Retba Lake Retba ( Lac Rose ) Senegal
Lake Selingue Lake Selingue Mali
Lake Te Anau Lake Te Anau New Zealand
Lake Tekapo Lake Tekapo New Zealand
Lake Teli Lake Teli Chad
Lake Towuti Lake Towuti
Lake Waikaremoana Lake Waikaremoana New Zealand
Lake Wakatipu Lake Wakatipu New Zealand
Lake Wanaka Lake Wanaka New Zealand
Lake Yoan Lake Yoan Chad
Lam Ta Khong Lam Ta Khong Reservoir Thailand
Lanao Lake Lanao Philippines
Lauwersmeer Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer Netherlands
Lesser Slave Lesser Slave Lake Canada
Leven Loch Leven UK
Llanquihue Lake Llanquihue Chile
Loktak Loktak Lake India
Lomond Loch Lomond UK
Lop Nor Lake Lop Nor China
Los Barreales Los Barreales Reservoir Argentina
Lower Lower Lake ( as part of Lake Bhopal) India
Lower Lough Erne Lower Lough Erne UK
Lower Seletar Lower Seletar Reservoir Singapore
Luang Sea Luang Sea Thailand
Lubans Lake Lubans Latvia
Lugano Lake Lugano Switzerland / Italy
Lugu Lake Lugu China
Lukomskoje Lake Lukomskoje Belarus
Lunzer Lunzer See Austria