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About World Lake Database

1. About

In 1994 scientific and socio-economic data on the environments of 217 lakes and reservoirs in 73 countries have been compiled into five volumes of the Survey of the State of World Lakes (WLDBook) out of a joint ILEC/UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) project.  (Foreword to the WLDBook)  The data and information were collected according to standard questionnaire sheets and are categorized into 14 areas as follows. In the current web application, visitors can consult each data in respective pages shown at the top.


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A. Location E. Water Quality K. Improvement Works
B. Description F. Biological Features L. Development Plans
C. Physical Dimensions G. Socio-economic Conditions M. Legislative & Institutional Measures
D. Physiographic Features H. Lake Utilization N. Sources of Data
  I. Deterioration  
  J. Wastewater Treatment  


Since then basic data and information were collected fo additional lakes and the whole data including 727 lakes and reservoirs in 100 countries has been made available to the public in the ILEC web site in 2007.

2. How to Use

You may want to search data for a specific lake or a specific data type. For the former case, you can directly search a lake name ([lake by name]) or, if you don’t know a lake name but know a country name, through a country list ([lake by country]). For the latter case, you can search using [data list]. Additionally the entire data can be searched by entering the key word ([Key Word Seach]).

3. Get Involved

Contribute: If you have more recent data for the listed lakes and reservoirs or if you want a new one to be listed in this database, please contact us at .

Report: If you find erroneous data in this database please let us know using the information above.

4. Disclaimer

Although ILEC makes every effort to eliminate errors in the data, they may still remain. Neither ILEC nor our partners can be held responsible for any damage that may arise from these errors.