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  • This is a test version of ILEC’s new "World Lake Database" system which will in due course replace the current version, called “World Lakes Database” accessible.
  • Uploading of the new system will duly take place after test use for:
    a) identification of program errors and their corrections
    b) identification of the need for possible modifications and due improvements, and
    c) updating and/or replacement of certain data sets considered appropriate by the project secretariat..
  • These preparatory activities will be undertaken with the involvement of the invited participants only, with support from the ILEC Secretariat. Those who have come to know the existence of this system and wish to contribute to this activity are requested to register through the ILEC Secretariat.
  • This testing process is expected to be completed by 30 September 2010. The new system will then be uploaded for the second phase of testing with participation by a broader participation by the potential global users.
  • Please contact infoilec"at""at"=@) for further details.

What is World Lake Database

Since the International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) was established in 1986, we have collected environmental and socio-economic data of important (significant for human beings) lakes and reservoirs around the world. World Lake Database was constructed to provide these data of lakes and reservoirs.

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