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Site Name URL
GEMS/Global Water Data Centre
Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT)
Water surface elevation measured by satellite interferometric altimetry
Global Reservoirs/Lakes Monitor (G-REALM)
Pseudo real-time lake surface height variation measurement by satellite altimetry
Foreign Agricultural Service/United States Department of Agriculture
Global Lakes & Reservoirs Repository
Provides Vector/Raster Data of Lake Shape
National Lakes Assessment
A part of National Aquatic Resource Surveys by US EPA
Lakes Online
Lakes in the United States
International Data Centre on Hydrology of Lakes and Reservoirs
Data on Hydrology of World Lakes and Reservoirs
HYDROLARE/the State Hydrological Institute (St Petersburg, Russia) database
Database of lakes in Latvia
Ramsar: Homepage


Sites Related to Individual Lake URL
Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute
Local government institute responsible for Lake Biwa environment
Shiga Prefectural Government, Japan
Laguna Lake Development Authority
Lake Tanganyika Authority
Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC)