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List of Data (Data Item = I_Siltation[ALL])

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List of Data
Data TypeValueLake Name
Value Serious Lake Abashiri
Not serious Aishihik Lake
Serious Lake Amatitlan
None Amisk Lake
Not serious Ammersee
Not serious Lake Annecy
None Attersee
None Loch Awe
Serious Lake Ba Be
Not Serious Lake Balaton
Not serious Lake Balta Alba
None Lake Banyoles
Not Serious Lake Biwa
Not Serious Boraped Reservoir (Bung Boraphet)
Not Serious Bratskoye Reservoir
Not serious Broa Reservoir (Lobo)
Not serious Buffalo Pound Lake
Not Serious Lake Buhi
Not serious Buttle Lake
None Cahora Bassa