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List of Data (Data Item = E_pH[ALL])

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List of Data
Data TypeValueLake Name
Datasheets E_pH no relation.
E_pH Amisk Lake
E_pH Ammersee
E_pH Attersee
E_pH Lake Ba Be
E_pH Lake Balkhash
E_pH Lake Balta Alba
E_pH Lake Banyoles
E_pH Baptiste Lake
E_pH Lake Biwa
E_pH Boraped Reservoir (Bung Boraphet)
E_pH Bratskoye Reservoir
E_pH Broa Reservoir (Lobo)
E_pH Buffalo Pound Lake
E_pH Lake Buhi
E_pH Buttle Lake
Datasheet E_pH Cahora Bassa
Datasheets E_pH Cayuga Lake
Past Trends Data      "
E_pH Lake Chad